The W.E.B Dubois Learning Center

The science program consist of two groups: (1) students interested in science, needing science enrichment in logical reasoning, problem solving, and fundamentals; and (2) students taking courses, needing academic improvement in assignments, exams, experiments, and science projects. The program activities are considered to be primarily enrichment and are closely related to the mathematics program. Our goal is to help prepare the younger students to take high school chemistry and physics.

The program serves students in grades five through twelve in general, earth, and physical science, along with the following core courses; biology, chemistry, and physics. The activities of the program include the following topics:
  • Biology - Plant Hybridization and Photosynthesis system of the human body, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and microorganisms
  • Chemistry - Atomic Structures and the Periodic Table, Chemical Formulas and Compositions, Oxidation-Reduction Reactions, Temperature and Pressure Conversions
  • Earth Science - Solar Systems, Stars and Galaxies; Atmospheric Structures and Weathering; Mountains, Lakes and Oceans; Minerals ans Soil Conversion
  • Physics - Laws of Conversion and Thermodynamics, Properties of Matter and Energy, Theories of Forces and Wave Spectra; Velocity, Acceleration and Momentum, Magnetism and Electricity
The main objective of the program is to encourage more students to pursue education and careers in science and technology.
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