The W.E.B Dubois Learning Center

Building Minds
Since its inception, the DuBois Learning Center has served thousands of youth in areas of intensive tutoring and motivation in reading, mathematics, and science. Educational and vocational counseling services are also provided.

Our Success in Building Minds
Kenneth was in the 4th grade when his mother enrolled him in the W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center. Having serious difficulties with addition and subtraction, Kenneth was placed with a group of students experiencing similar problems. In just 15 weeks (two hours per week) he learned to add, subtract, multiply, and divide and was promoted to fractions. Sixteen weeks later, Kenneth mastered fractions and learned to convert decimals to percents. Exceptional? Yes, but typical of students attending the Learning Center. The Center offers Kenneth and many others like him an opportunity to experience academic success. Successful participation in Learning Center classes also results in the early promotion and placement in accelerated classes for many of our elementary students.

Lisa became a Learning Center student while in elementary school and demonstrated superior ability. She was placed in the enrichment program wherein she continued to excel. As a result, The Kansas City, Missouri School District allowed her to take freshman algebra during her seventh grade year. Lisa's academic performance enabled her to receive a scholarship to Praire View A &M University where she graduated in mechanical engineering.
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