A Black Studies Self Study Program

The following books are suggested reading. At least two in each phase should be read and those in bold are considered classic reading material.


The first phase should be devoted to reading about the history of Africa. It should begin with the evolution of mankind and civilization, and extend through the colonial period.

African Glory

by DeGraft Johnson

The World and Africa

by W. E. B. DuBois

The Negro

by W. E. B. DuBois

Introduction to African Civilization

by John G. Jackson

The Destruction of Black Civilization

by Chancellor Williams


The second phase consists of African American history. Preferable this phase should begin with West Africa and extend through the civil rights movement of the sixties.

Before the Mayflower

by Lerone Bennett, Jr.

From Slavery to Freedom

by John Hope Franklin

There is a River

by Vincent Harding

Africa's Gift to America

by J. A. Rogers


The Americas

This area should cover the African descendants of the Caribbean, Latin and South America.

The Irrated Genie

by Jacob Carruthers

The Black Jacobins

by C. L. R. James

They Came Before Columbus

by Ivan Van Sertima

Asia, Australia, Europe, etc.

This area should cover the Blacks throughout the world outside of Africa and The Americas. Although there several books in this area, the works of J. A. Rogers are among the most read and they provide a fairly good expose to the subject.

Nature Knows No Colorline

From Superman to Man

Sex and Race Volumes I, II, & III

The Worlds Great Men of Color Volumes I & II

all by J. A. Rogers

The Golden Age of the Moors

by Ivan Van Sertima

The above outline should give one a fairly good overview and understanding of Black history. From this vantage point one is able to read particular areas of interest. There are also material refered in the text and indexes of the material suggested that could provide direction for further study.


Ancient Egypt

There is a wealth of material in this area. For beginners the material listed below is suggested. There may be other references, depending on interest, that one may find in the material. The reader is encouraged to follow their interest at this point.


Black Man of the Nile

by Yosef Ben Jochannan

Black Athena Volume I & II

by Martin Bernal

African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality

by Cheik Anta Diop

Stolen Legacy

by George G. M. James

Philosophy & Spirituality

The Book of the Dead

Osiris and the Egyptian Ressurection Volume I & II

both by E. A Wallis Budge

Metu Neter Volume I & II

by Ra Un Nefer Amen

Mdw Ntr

by Jacob H. Carruthers

Her-Bak Volume I & II

by Ish Schwaller De Lubicz

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