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Press Release (November 12, 1998) From
The United Filmmakers Foundation

Things are getting progressivly worse. The efforts to keep us out of work are getting worse. It seems as though the African American filmmakers are unable to hire there own people on projects that they are involved with.

Babyface is involved with a project here, and to date has hired no African American crew members other than the office gophers. I say we launch a call in campaign to the production office. Even though Babyface and his wife are the producers, there is a white executive producer and production manager in the position of hiring the crew and the director (That's usually how it works!). I think there should be a call in campaign. People should call the production office and ask why African Americans can't get hired on a project that is produced by African Americans.

The old Willie Lynch syndrome and the divide and conquer strategy are alive and well in the film industry, and something must be done to put an end to it! If you know of anyone that would like to get involved in a call in campaign, pass this information along. Calls should be made to the Edmonds as well as the producers and production manager. They should be made aware that we will not tolerate this blatant form of exclusion currently being levied on African American film technicians.

I think the Edmonds should be asked if and why this is acceptable to them. After all, Babyface did speak out against this problem in the People magazine article. Has he suddenly looked the other way, now that he's been accepted into the good ole boys network, or are his hands tied in some way that we should be aware of ?

Also, the producers and production manager should be asked why they haven't made an effort to hire the qualified African American technicians that exist within the industry? Below is a list of numbers at both the production office and the production companies main headquarters in L.A. Please pass them on!

If you have a website, please post this information there!!!!!

The United Filmakers Foundationthe group which called for the comprehensive media boycott of MGM, SONY and PARAMOUNT back on 08/01/98. This was months before the public even heard of Desmond Pfeiffer.

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