Prison Reform and Education

Several NBUF chapters work in the area of prison reform and education. However, it is our Muskegon chapter that is the most involved in this area. Primarily due to the work of Sis. Betty Warfield. She has tirelessly worked to provide the prisoners incarcerated near the Muskegon area with African centered education. She has helped them obtain books, videotapes, and speakers. In addition to this, she serves as a confidant and counselor to many of the inmates.

The Muskegon chapter has set up NBUF prison programs to support the inmates and to help them acquire the type of skills, counseling, and education that can assist them in making a positive transition back into civilian life. The prisoners there look forward to many visits from Sis. Betty, and the others from our Muskegon chapter, and she has received several citations for herwork.

NBUF encourages all those wishing to acquire more information on the work done here to contact Sis. Betty Warfield or our Muskegon chapter.

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