March 24, 2004

Dear Presidential Candidate: >p? We are writing on behalf of the NDABA Movement, a coalition of organizations, activists, researchers, and scholars representing the broad spectrum of the Reparations Movement in America. We are writing you, as a presidential candidate, to officially request your support of Congressman John Conyers’ H.R. 40 Reparation Study Bill and your support of reparations for African Americans for two and a half centuries of uncompensated labor and dehumanization.

Various oppressed peoples have been paid reparations. Indigenous groups such as the Choctaw, Lakota, and Lambuth people have received reparations (and rightly so) for treaty violations that occurred before the emancipation of African Americans. Japanese Americans have received reparations for their inhumane incarceration in internment camps during WWII, as well as the Jews who received reparations after the Nuremberg trials.

Slavery and the slave trade are recognized by international human rights organizations, e.g., the United Nations, as “crimes against humanity” and as such there are no statutes of limitations against nations who are to pay for these crimes. The demand for reparations for African Americans is a demand for justice for years of injustice and inhumane treatment and not a request for a handout.

Elected leaders and those seeking public office must recognize the elementary truth that slavery and historical patterns of discrimination, based on race, are the direct cause of continued increases in unemployment, substandard education, higher mortality, higher rates of incarceration, etc. for African Americans. Similarly rooted in slavery is the engrained psychosis of racism among White Americans.

We, above all others in America, have sacrificed the most for this country. As a candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America, provide the leadership and champion this legitimate cause. Go beyond the presidential statement of Goree Island that “Slavery was the greatest crime” and help us achieve the recompense for this crime. Take a stand for reparations for African Americans. It is the most just cause you can support.

It is the position of the NDABA Movement that the major issue for Black people in the upcoming election is the issue of reparations, a long standing debt of the United States Government owed to Black people since the end of the Civil War. Therefore, our support for a presidential candidate will be based around your response to our inquiry on your position on reparations for Black people in America.

We look forward to your immediate response.


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