The African Americans

Search for Truth and Knowledge

By Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Jr.

Part One: Introduction

Basic concepts are needed to understand the world and destroy myths and misconcepts that have persisted down through the ages in the inherited bodies of knowledge about the Human Experience. These myths, misconceptions and misinformation have been particularly evident in the description and portrayal of Africa and African peoples. Unfortunately, the history that has generally been utilized to educate people around the world has been European centered and taught from a European American perspective and world view.

This concentration on the European American World Experience has been especially evident in our education systems over the past two hundred years. In short, our educational and cultural institutions and traditions have taught and perpetuated "history" and not the history of the World. These myths, misconceptions and misinformation have been institutionalized in the learning process of the Western World and limit the ability of people to pursue the truth about the past and present experiences of European American Peoples as well as other peoples.

The search for truth and the pursuit of knowledge should be broad-based and not limited to white European American ethnic group experiences. It must be global and include the various ethnic groups and races in Africa, Asia and Latin America. These non-European peoples make up nine tenths of the world's population and have had an enormous impact on the development of America. This work is designed to provide a truer picture of the interaction of African peoples in the growth of America and correct false images, misinformation, and errors about the history of African Americans.

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