Historical Personalities & Issues

Compiled & Edited by Phillip True, Jr.

Chapter Eight


Piankhi and Taharqa, led Ethiopia in an effort to regain control of Upper Egypt. With Thebes and most of Egypt under Asian control, a plan was launched by Piankhi and the Ethiopian generals to recover Thebes and once again, establish it as the capital.

Twenty-three centuries before Piankhi and Taharqa, King Menes founded the first Egyptian dynasty, becoming the first Pharaoh of the world, uniting Upper and Lower Egypt under his leadership, and establishing Memphis as the first all-Black capital city, Thebes being the capital city of the North, or Upper Egypt.

The time period is 715 B.C., Piankhi and Taharqa have made strategic plans, quite similar to those used by Menes in 3100 B.C., to defeat the the enemy. This Twenty-Fifth Dynasty, should be of special importance to the Black world, since it marked the end of an all-out effort by Blacks to reclaim Egypt.

After reclaiming Egypt, Taharqa led his armies against the intruding Assyrians, defending Israel who was his ally. He is therefore in the Bible in two places, 2 Kings 19:9, and Isaiah 37:9.

Taharqa reigned for approximately 25 years. He dominated the largest empire in African Antiquity, covering more than 1500 miles, including all of the Sudan.

Even though Taharqa was in an endless battle, he started construction projects, so grand, and with such splendor and magnificence, none of which could be matched.

Piankhi and Taharqa left a legacy for the Black world, "to recapture that which has been wrongfully taken away."

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