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Compiled & Edited by Phillip True, Jr.

Chapter Seventeen

MULAI ISMAEL (1647-1727)

Mulai Ismael is considered the most remarkable ruler of the 18th Century.

Mulai's father was Mulai Sherif, King of Tafilalet, who was captured by Omar, King of Sillec, and thrown into prison. While Mulai Sherif was in prison, he requested feminine company. He was sent the ugliest Black slave found. From this, Mulai Ismael and his brother Rachid were born.

Mulai Ismael's road to the throne was not easy. He was forced to fight many family members, including his brother Rachid and his nephew Achmet.

Defeating enemy after enemy, Mulai devoted himself to internal affairs.

He started by increasing the number of the Bokhura, a corp of fighting men which he founded earlier in his reign, made up of full blooded Negroes from the Sudan. These Negroes, 150,000 strong lived with their wives in gorgeous villages built by Mulai Ismael. Later 10,000 white christian warriors were added to the force.

Mulai Ismael dreamed of restoring the ancient glories of Morocco. She had once been the world's leading empire and had dominated Southwestern Europe. Moroccan art, science, architecture, literature, and leather-work's were famous. Because of Mulai Ismael's activity in building projects, and his long reign of fifty years, he is frequently called the "Moroccan Louis XIV."

Mulai had many wives and children of all races, no less than 500 wives and as many as 4,000 and 867 children. Mulai Ismael died in 1727, at the age of eighty. His dynasty still occupies the throne of Morocco.

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