In Pursuit of George G. M. James'

Study of African Origins in "Western Civilization"

By Yosef A. A. ben-Jochannan


This is … Aristotle's "Four Humors" [or Plagiarized Nightmare]

If I leave you with this "DIAGRAM" without any further comment, you will probably act as if it is genuine. Yet this is as authentic as the man for whom it is ascribed—ARISTOTLE, who masterminded the sacking of the LIBRARY OF THE MYSTERIES SYSTEM of the Grand Lodge of Luxor, Egypt, Northeast Africa. It is his "FOUR HUMORS," this being the work of a "GREEK PHILOSOPHER" of the type that, allegedly, became such without any AFRICAN PHILOSOPHICAL THOUGHT PROCESS in his training! It is the so-called "DIAGRAM OF OPPOSITES" you will find in many of the works on "GREEK PHILOSOPHY" by "Western Academicians" over the past two hundred Years.

Aristotle was not amusing in his attempt at belittling the Africans' DIAGRAM OF THE PRINCIPLE OF THE LAW OF OPPOSITES; neither those who attributed his distorted version of the original you can see below. In fact, Aristotle's embryo wasn't formed when this PHILOSOPHICAL PRINCIPLE became common knowledge to all of the "THIRD STAGE" [and/or "CREATORS"/"SONS OF LIGHT"] students who became a part of the "SPIRITUAL CONSCIOSNESS" in the Mysteries System of the Grand Lodge of Luxor; the Nile Valley Africans SYSTEM OF EDUCATION that included the teaching of "PHILOSOPHY" from before ca. 4100 B.C.E. to this very moment we are assembled here tonight. Professor James made this point very clear when he wrote the following on page 81 of Stolen Legacy; thus:

The history of the following ancient theory of "The Four Qualities and Four Elements," provides the world with the evidence of the Egyptian origin of the doctrines of (a) Opposites or Contraries, (b) Change or Transmutation and (c) the life and function of the universe is due to either of four elements: fire, or water, or earth, or air.



[8 was the highest number at this period of antiquity. Only along the Nile River Civilizations]

The Four Elements: AIR, FIRE; WATER, EARTH.
The Four Qualities: HOT, DRY; WET, COLD.

Fuller, on page 19 of his HISTORY OF GREEK PHILOSOPHY, articulated the very same point I have highlighted: thus he wrote:

Aristotle surmised that philosophy first arose in Egypt because the priesthood there had leisure. With the geographical correctness of this statement we are not concerned, but Aristotle's reasons for making it are significant. In the first place he lays down one of the conditions necessary to philosophic specification. The Egyptian priesthood, he tells us, had leisure. Philosophy requires time—time to wonder and meditate and make our guess about the inner constitution of the world.

The issue here is that the GREEKS themselves confirmed the origin of their own PHILOSOPHIC THOUGHT PROCESS as having come from their African teachers along the Nile Valley High-Cultures—Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, etc. Aristotle knew first-hand .

Strangely enough Zeller, unknowingly, concurred with Fuller when he wrote on pages 46–47 of a History of Greek Philosophy the following:

Aristotle knew nothing of any philosophical inquiry pursued in Egypt. He contends that knowledge is on a higher level when it is pursued only for the end of knowing, than when it serves the purposes of practical necessity, and observes, in connection with this, that purely theoretical sciences therefore first arose in places where people were sufficiently free from anxiety about the necessities of life to be able to devote themselves to such sciences.

Freedom to think to Egypt and other Nile Valley nations had the climate of peace which Greece seldom experienced by virtue of the wars the Greeks engaged in during the period of so-called Greek Philosophy. Greek life was nothing but TRAGIC from Thales to Aristotle: the "philosopher."

At this point it is necessary to note that the first "Greek Philosopher," Thales [ca. 600 B.C.], existence is questionable. We need not labor on the proof, as all of the Greek and other European chroniclers of antiquity have agreed his origin, as existence, is doubtful; so as most of the others that preceded Sokrates. Throughout Professor James' Stolen Legacy this is clearly stated and documented. Of course, I must assume that so critical a scholarly work will be read by all of us! We must, if we are to understand "African Roots of Western Civilization"!

Certainly my following remarks relative to Isis' IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, at least 4100 years before MARY's [which was less than 1981 years ago], deals with a very deep philosophical and theosophical concept in teachings that originated in the Grand Lodge of Luxor's MYSTERIES SYSTEM. The text reads that after Osiris' CRUCUFIXION, DEATH and BURIAL he "AROSE ON The THIRD DAY" and "BECAME THE RULER OF THE DEAD" [Godfrey Higgins' ANACALYPSIS, Vol. II, p. 122]. During this period Isis, the mother of Horus, and her sister Nephthys, guarded the body of Osiris [Veronica Ions' EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY, p. 133]. The philosophical dimension in this episode comes as Isis began to restore Osiris back to life by the powers given her by Thoth [J. Gwyn Griffith's The Origins of Osiris, p. 4], the moment of the "CONCEPTION OF HORUS"; AND THUS The Holy of Sacred Scripture from the OSIRIAN DRAMA where Osiris states:

Your sister comes to you, joyous through her love for you. You have her placed upon your phallus. Your sperm enters her, so that she is like Sothis. It is Horus-Sopd who comes out of you as Horus who is also Sothis. You have become a glorious spirit through him in his name Djenderowbarque. He saves you in his name of Horus-the-son-who-saves-his father.

You have noted the source of the FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT basic philosophical concept adopted in the theology of the Judaeo-Christian Religion for the god JESUS-the Christ. But you will also notice, I have applied 20th Century common/Christian Era English form in my translation from the original HIEROGLYPH to ENGLISH; thus no "THY" and "THOU," etc.

Further assessments on the Judaeo-Christian philosophical and theosophical teachings about the "IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF MARY" and the "VIRVIN BIRTH OF JESUS," or any of the other "FIFTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVIOURS" [Kersey Braves' The Sixteen Crucified Saviors], are of no major advantage here; as the continuation will only renew our prognostication about "RESURRECTION, IMMORTALITY" and "DEIFICATION," etc, already solved in the BOOK OF THE COMING FORTH BY DAY AND BY NIGHT [Book Of The Dead and Papyrus of Ani] of the African Mysteries System.

A rapid departure from philosophy to music might otherwise indicate an attempt at detouring somewhat from the critical point in question. But you must remember that neither can be extricated from the other in context of its African/Egyptian point of reference; thus the philosophical development of medicine as an art-form with magico-religious functions. This concept is best understood if you should become familiar with the evolution of medicine and the medical art in the ancient southern Nile Valley High-Culture from central Africa [UGANDA, KENYA, TANGANYKA, and SOMALIA. Etc.] all the way down to Egypt ca. 4100 miles away due north. For here, once again, we have the GOD OF PHILOSOPHY," Thoth equally being the "GOD OF MEDICINE." And we also find him as "THOTH THE MEASURER," before her status as "GODDESS"; thus her title" "PATRONESS OF THE MAGICIANS." Horus, too, is in MEDICINE," and even called a "PHYSICIAN"; thus"CHIEF PHYSICIAN IN THE HOUSE OF RÉ AT LETOPOLIS." Do not exclude Imhotep, also called I-em-hotep, the most celebrated "GOD OF MEDICINE," the Greeks later renamed "Aescalapiou"; the man who was equally great in "MAGIC," also called the "protector of the soul of both the dead and living from all physical and spiritual enemies" [Y. ben-Jochannan's Black Man of the Nile and His Family, pp. 185–190, etc.]

The philosophical concept of medicine can be best seen in eight different papyri which are most familiar to "Western Academicians"; they are as follows according to their numerical chronological order:

[1] Kahum, [2] Edwin C. Smith, [3] Ebers, [4] Hearst,
[5] Erman, [6] London, [7] Berlin, [8] Chester Beatty.

Obviously, these names are as hypocritical as the term "GREEK PHILOSOPHY" and /or "GREEK PHILOSOPHER." All bear the names or titles of "Westerners" who had nothing whatsover to do with either except as the illegal possessor of the booty caused by the colonial ravaging of Egypt and other Nile Valley Africans' High-Cultures from the time of the Hyksos/Sheperd Kings of Beduina invasion and conquest of Egypt's Delta Region in cs. 1675 B.C. to the present in 1980 A.D. by the descendants of Arab who did the same in ca. 640 A.D. under the banner of their extension of Judaism and Judaeo-Christianity, called "Islam," and their later deity Al'lah in 622.

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