In Pursuit of George G. M. James'

Study of African Origins in "Western Civilization"

By Yosef A. A. ben-Jochannan


Often-times called "the umbrella man," because he was seldom seen without one in his hand, come rain or shine; "poppycock," because it was a common word he sometimes used when disturbed by others mediocrity; still there should not have been a solitary one of us African, African American and African Caribbean academicians who did not know of the late philosopher, theologian, mathematician, scientist, professor, etc. George G. M. James and his works. It is as criminal as not having heard or known of the person and works of Marcus Moziah Garvey, Paul Robeson, David Walker, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Hatshepsut, Malcolm-X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Langston Hughes, and so many other African historical giants of our HERITAGE which we should have enshrined during the "BLACK CULTURAL REVOLUTION" of the era some still call "…The Glorious 1960's. …"

George G.M. James was born in the British Crown Colony of GUIANA, South America [presently the "Republic of Guyana"] to the Reverend Linch B. and Margaret E. James sometime in the latter half of the nineteenth century—the exact year and date being obscure to my knowledge at this moment. He was nurtured into full boyhood, and completed his normal/elementary and advanced/high school education in his native homeland. Following this beginning he journeyed to England where he earned the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Durham University. At London University he continued his studies in the area of research, having many projects to his credit, including work towards the D. Litt degree. He left and entered the United States of America where he worked oh hie Ph.D. degree. Added to all of this were: a Teacher's Certificate to teach Greek, Latin and Mathematics in the State of New York school system, the same being equally true for North Carolina and Florida; at the latter also as an Administrator. His college career included two years as Professor of Logic and Greek at Livingston College, Salisbury, North Carolina; ten years as Professor of Languages and Philosophy at Johnson C. Smith, Charlotte, North Carolina; two years as Professor of Mathematics and Dean of Men at Georgia State College, Industrial College, Georgia; one year as Professor of Social Science at Alabama A. & M. College, Normal, Alabama; and five years as Professor of Social Sciences Arkansas State College, Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

In 1954 he published the long-awaited challenge to the Greeks having fathered "GREEK PHILOSOPHY"; thus his book Stolen Legacy. This was, unfortunately, the same year he mysteriously died after having left his job and friends at Pine Bluff, Arkansas for Nashville, Tennessee. This type of erratic behavior was never typical of the highly disciplined GEORGE G. M. JAMES.

Organizations to which Professor James belonged were numerous; a few follow:

The most important of the organizations he worked towards projecting for African people was the only one for which he made his deepest obligation; thus: ORDER OF [the Egyptian, or Nile Valley indigenous people] MYSTERIES SYSTEM [O.M.S.], as High-Priest: Plumbed-Level-Square 360° .

The publications of Professor James are numerous, the following being the most important of all so far as I have rated them: thus:


  1. Health Week in New Castle
  2. Intermarriage. Published in London, England
  3. Black People Under Germany. Published in New York
  4. The Need of a New Education for the Subject Peoples of the World. Published in Arkansas, U.S.A
  5. The Probable Causes of Religious Apathy in our Institutions of Higher Learning and the Proposal of a New Naturalism. Published in Arkansas, U.S.A.



  1. The Church and the New Mentality.
  2. Religion is an Inductive and Progressive Science.
  3. The Anti-Classical Wave.
  4. The First Step in Negro Reconstruction.
  5. Know Thyself. (A Series of 12 Articles) Published in the New York Age and the Zion Quarterly.
  6. The Influence of Mathematics Upon the Mentality and Character of Students. Published in the Georgia Herald.


This is but a very short introduction to the "academic genius" who dared to challenge EUROPEAN, BRITISH and EUROPEAN-AMERICAN [white] "SCHOLARSHIP" in the 1930's–1950's C.E. when most of his fellow AFRICAN, AFRICAN AMERICAN and AFRICA CARIBBEAN [black] "EDUCATORS" were trying to secure their EUROPEAN AMERICAN counterparts approval and endorsement as "SCHOLARS," George G.M. James equally challenged the very foundation of "JUDAISM, JUDAEO-CHRISTIANITY" and "WESTERN CIVILIZATION" as being original and/or void of their "AFRICAN BEGININGS." In so doing he had revealed too much of the "SECRETS" of even friends, particularly in terms of their "SECRET SOCIETY'S TEACHINGS" they (i.e. Europeans) STOLE and PLAGIARIZED from the TEACHINGS of the African/Egyptian MYSTERIES SYSTEM which was housed in the Grand Lodge of Luxor in ancient times, and among very few today who still continue the objectives of first Grand Master AMEN-RA. "Man [African] Know Yourself" were the "PASSWORDS" of James' life, but not that of those who snuffed his light in order to maintain their control over those he wanted to free—at least mentally.

Professor George G.M. James loss to the AFRICAN COMMUNITIES everywhere can never be equaled; yet countless AFRICANS will take heed of his clarion call in terms of their enlightenment with respect to their AFRICAN HERITAGE he so devotedly brought to light.

If you ever dare to read the works of George G.M. James you will never again be the same as before you did. He stands at the head of the line with AKHENATEN, RAMESIS II, MANETHO of Sybenetos, St. AUGUSTINE OF Numidia, TERRENCE, of Nubia [before Rome], and so many others who heeded the warning: "MAN [African] KNOW YOURSELF"; and knew himself.

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