We, The Sons And Daughters Of AFRICAs Great Sperms And Ovum, Let Us This Day Of 6086 N.Y. / 1986 C.E. Speak As One Voice Academically

(A paper for, or an address to, the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization)

By Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan

360°, H.P., O.E.E.A./4|90

Elder of A.S.C.A.C.

The Principle:

Our answer is to be found deep within the bowels of the "ROLLING HILLS" of Wa'set.1 Here, in the TOMB OF PHARAOH RAMESES VI,2as the second to last panel of reliefs in Nedunetcher3 before descending into the sunken SARCOPHAGUS CHAMBER where all of the FORTY-TWO [42] "ADMONISSIONS TO GODDESS MAAT" [or "NEGATIVE CONFESSIONS"] are written. They tell us that we too must write in honour of Goddess MAAT,4 God TAHUTU,5 Pharaoh AKHENATEN, Multi-genius IMHOTEP, Scribe AMEN-EM-EOPE,6 et al. , whom we follow. Let our QUILL PENS write of these with an impact of "TRUTH" that will further set the DEATHNELL to those who have for centuries RAPED Mother Alkebu-lan's MOST SACRED and HOLY WOMB7—beginning 18 years following the Arabian-Moslem HEJIRA, and 480 years since the "EDICT" of Pope Martin Vth on the PETITION OF THE REVEREND BARTOLOME de Las CASAS8 to send AFRICANS TO BECOME SLAVES IN THE ISLAND OF HISPAÑIOLA,9 Caribbean Sea in 1506 C.E., let the FACTS of the "GENOCIDE" we suffered, and "HOLOCAUSTS" [plural]10 committed upon us by European CHRISTIANS and JEWS, also Asian MOSLEMS, be documented. And, of course, prepare the case for the AVENGERS who must one day meet-out the necessary PENALTY we have to exact for each "POUND OF FLESH" our African ancestors, not unlike ourselves, sacrificed. For in VIOLENCE we came to this plight! Obviously, through "VIOLENCE" we may ultimately have to extricate ourselves. Surely in, and through, sacred "VIOLENCE" is the life-source of birth!11

Our late brother, political activist, scholar, and poet – CLAUDE McKAY – in contradiction of "slavery" taught us to say; lest we forget:

"If we must die, let it not be like hogs
Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,
While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs,
Making their mock at our accursed lot.
If we must die, O let us noble die,
So that our precious blood may not be shed
In vain; then even the monsters we defy
Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!
O kinsmen! We must meet the common foe!
And for their thousand blows deal one deathblow!
What though before us lies the open grave?
Like men we'll face the murderous, cowardly pack,
Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!

Maybe we, like our CHILDREN OF MONOMOTAPA [Today's so-called "Republic of South Africa"?],13 will have to act it out with some major adjustments; the ENEMIES "BACK TO THE WALL" instead of OURS, of course!

Following the warnings by Douglass, Garvey, McKay, and others, let us establish a "CODE OF ETHICS" for ourselves as "AFRICANS INTELLECTUALS" and/or "SCHOLARS." In this, there must be a definitive maximization of OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO THE AFRICAN COMMUNITY AT LARGE14 from whom we have assumed the reality of LEADERSHIP. Present it to our brothers and sisters we LEAD for their ADDITIONS, DELETIONS; and final RATIFICATION. For if we can LEAD, we must be equally ready to FOLLOW. Remember:


At least most of the time!

As an "Egyptologist,"16 I wish to charge you with the task of creating our own SCHOOL OF AFRICAN THOUGHT17 in the area of NILE VALLEY ACADEMICS beyond the dim-lit quarters in Western Academia's LIBRARIES. Instead, it must be from "FIELD DATA" brought about by our own GENIUS as archaeologist, historians, anthropologist, paleontologists, theologists, linguist, etc., all of whom alone must be our SOLE AUTHORITIES on Nile Valley High-Culture/Civilization from remotest antiquity to this present day and beyond.

1987 C.E./A.D., or shall I say instead 6086 N.Y.—counting from the conquest by KING MENA18 over KING SCARPIAN19 and the creation on the 1st DYNASTY as declared by HIGH PRIEST MANETHO of Sybenetos,20 Upper Ta-Merry in ca.3753 N.Y. or 327 B.C.E., must be the "YEAR OF RETURN"; the "YEAR" we officially declare OUR RIGHTS TO ANY AND ALL PARTS OF THE NILE VALLEY AND THE REST OF THE ENTIRE CONTINENT OF MOTHER ALKEBY-LAN/"AFRICA." We will declare our "NILE VALLEY HERITAGE" by the mere fact of our presence in CONVENTION in Egyptian-Nubia21 at the CITY OF ESO WON/SENURSET—today's "ASWAN."

Thus our Sacred and Most Holy challenge:

NEXT YEAR—6087 N.Y./1987 C.E./A.D. IN The NILE

This project must come out of the undertaking of the NATIONAL OFFICE of this institution.21 As such, our NATIONAL OFFICERS will oversee that our EGYPTIAN-NUBIAN brothers and sisters are truly brought into our fold without CHARGE OF MONETARY VALUE.22 Our UGANDAN, ETHIOPIAN and SUDANESE brothers and sisters of the NILE VALEY equally! From everywhere over our entire Mother and Fatherland—ALKEBU-LAN/"AFRICA"— we will make certain our AFRICAN BROTHERS and SISTERS will be invited; no less so from the AFRICAN COMMUNITIES of the major areas of the CARIBBEAN SEA and PACIFIC OCEAN; NORTH, CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA; EUROPE, EURO-ENGLAND, and ASIA; they must come from everywhere. From everywhere AFRICANS must come with their "AFRICAN SPOUSES"; no others. For as ÁFRICAN INTELLECTUALS/SCHOLARS" we must lead the way in proving "AFRICAN[black] AND PROUD before we "SAY IT LOUD"23 with our ENEMIES' SONS and/or DAUGHTERS hanging from our arms. "SAY IT LOUD,"24 only when we are our own AUTHORITY and DEITIES for all times.

End Notes:

  1. Original African name for Greek colonial "Thebes" and the current Arab conquerors "Luxor."
  2. 4th Pharaoh of the XXth Dynasty, Ca. 1050–1020 B.C.E.
  3. The original African name of what is today called "Hieroglyphics."
  4. "Goddess of justice" under the ancient Nile Valley religious system.
  5. The scribe of at least 1,000 B.C.E. whom King Solomon of Israel plagiarized his "Sacred Teachings" and related "Proverbs," etc. See p. 142 of Y.A.A. ben-Jochannan's Black Man of the Nile and His Family, 1983 Edition.
  6. See Y.A.A. ben-Jochannan's Brothers of the Craft and Sisters of the House: "Heaven is Between a Black Woman's Legs," Published by Y.A.A. ben-Jochannan, 209 West 125th Street, New York, N.Y. 10027.
  8. Spanish Roman Catholic Christian Priest responsible for starting the "African Slave Trade" along with Pope Martin Vth from Africa to Europe to the so-called "Americas" [North, Central, and South] and the Caribbean Islands in ca. 1506 C.E. or earlier.
  9. This island is today called "Haiti" and "Santo Domingo": Shared by two distinctly different governments, each dominated by the U.S.A. One speaks French, the other Spanish. The first Africans were enslaved here in the beginning of the "Slave Trade" to the so-called "Western World."
  10. The indiscriminate brutal murder of a people solely because they are different in one way of another to the murderers who often commit their maladies in the "Name of God."
  11. All female animals suffer "violence" in the delivery of their offspring.
  12. A native of Jamaica, British West Indies [B.W.I.], political activist in New York City, New York, U.S.A. He joined the Communist Party of America [C.P.A.], but was subsequently expelled due to his pro-African anti-colonialism "freedom movement" which the communists were not yet ready to support under African rule and action. He wrote this in 1912 C.E.
  13. This name has been changed to "Azania" by the African Freedom Fighters both in the African National Congress [A.N.C.] and [P.A.C.].
  14. All of the African politicians, religious leaders, at al., act without any guidelines from the African Community.
  15. This was repeatedly told to me by my father each time I tried to be the boss in his home.
  16. One who makes his or her full-time study and life-style that of the Nile Valley and Great Lakes Region High-Cultures.
  17. Concepts originated from African genius and intelligence.
  18. The King of Lower Egypt until the beginning of Dynastic Egypt in ca. 4100 B.C.E., which was caused of his defeat by the King of Upper Egypt—Narmer or Mena [whom the Greeks called "Menes"].
  19. The Egyptians that divided Egypt's History into Dynastic and Pre-Dynastic Periods.
  20. Much of Southern / Upper Egypt—all the way north to the current City of Asyuit was part of Lower Nubia before "Nubia" fell prey to ancient and contemporary colonialism.
  21. The conquering Arab Moslem name of the original Eso Won and/or Senurset.
  22. Members of the "official family of A.S.C.A.C." holding leadership offices.
  23. They should be welcomed without having to pay any fee whatsoever.
  24. Part of "Soul Musician" James Brown's song: "Say It Loud, I'm Black And Proud." 

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