We, The Sons And Daughters Of AFRICAs Great Sperms And Ovum, Let Us This Day Of 6086 N.Y. / 1986 C.E. Speak As One Voice Academically

(A paper for, or an address to, the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization)

By Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan

360°, H.P., O.E.E.A./4|90

Elder of A.S.C.A.C.


Seldom, if ever in the last five years, have I delivered a "Written Address" to any group whatsoever; be it socio-political, religious, secular and/or academic. This is the first of what I hope will be a continuous stream of such efforts. Its cause, which I believe to be historic, warrants specific documentation in light of the pitfalls of previous African Academic gatherings purported to be all-encompassing, yet totally dominated by one group or another that sought to manipulate everyone else.

Most importantly about this CONFERENCE, or GATHERING, is the absence of the need to adopt any individual's religious, political, economic and/or social dogma. Thus our clear path towards the development of an AFRICAN RESEARCH REPOSITORY. Let me reemphasize this point, I said: WE ARE HERE TO CREATE AN AFRICAN RESEARCH REPOSITORY, the materials to be used by each and every AFRICAN MAN, WOMAN and CHILD according to HIS or HER comprehension. For this reason, I suggest that we fully extend our African hands of friendship to everyone of the African FAMILY/RACE; thus let OUR be the hallmark as against mine, and AFRICAN for black.

Although we, any combination of us, may have a particular "RELIGIOUS ORIENTATION" or "WAY OF LIFE" let it be remembered that our AFRICAN ANCESTORS along the entire length1 and breath2 of the WHITE and BLUE NILE—from the furthest point SOUTH at the Republic of Uganda3 to the opposite end NORTH at the Republic of Egypt4—left a sufficient legacy in terms of the BOOK OF THE COMING FORTH BY DAY AND NIGHT5, BOOK OF GATES6, BOOK OF DEITIES7, and other works to the extent that any superfluous extraction and expansion of either of them, be it from the minds of Hebrew, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Yoruba, et al., scribes, should not be imposed upon us here. This is not the place, time, and/or premise for such. Our primary objective is the collection, analyzation and decimation of factual information among our AFRICAN brothers and sisters who will become the recipient of any part, or all, of it; nothing else.

The illusion of the final DANCE or PARTY, gone with the rather expensive European-owned hotel BALLROOMS, is but another glorious victory for us. Thus our fervent hope that following AFRICAN INTELLECTUAL GATHERINGS will be guided to find local facilities within other AFRICAN COMMUNITIES equally as enhancing. Just imagine!, more than eighty percent (80%) of every DOLLAR we spend in this African Community will pass directly to, and through, at least only AFRICAN HANDS for days before returning to the Europeans as was the case formerly, Africans Be Praised. "We have come a very long way" to arrive at this decision; let us not turn back.

Today, some FORTY-EIGHT [48] YEARS since I wrote my first full-length work on Africa—We the Black Jews—which I regret could not have been Black Man of the Nile and His Family, I guess I feel like the eight pounds and eleven ounces BABY BOY born of the WOMB/HEAVEN of an AFRICAN WOMAN truly sixty-eight years ago. This is not any kind of a "DREAM"; it’s a "FACT"!, and "REAL" indeed! All of this!, every blessed thing! , from the MINDS and HANDS, MONIES, etc., solely of AFRICAN PEOPLE/ Not one solitary "PROPOSAL" and/or "PAPER" begging on our knees for anything—CRUMBS from this nor that European and/or Asian foundation, university, church, synagogue, mosque, temple, etc.! Because YOU, ME, ALL OF US, have banded together as ONE UNITED AFRICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS to make the following words of the late Frederick Douglass8 no longer applicable amongst us; thus:

Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are people who wand crops without plowing up the ground.

They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters.

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will.

Individually, I will not pinpoint anyone of us for special accolades. Yet, collectively, let us all commend each other for this revival of the "COMMUNAL SPIRIT" that once guided our ANCESTORS HUMANITY. Here, amongst all of US, where "Ph.D., M.D., LL.D., Ed.D." etc. "D's" were, and still are, respected; nevertheless such had no impact on the type and/or quality of service rendered, and still being rendered to this very moment I am addressing you. Yes!, WE are again ONE. Obviously it can no longer be any other way. MAAT, peace and justice that she represents, has once again prevailed. We can now say with one voice;




All of this in love of our AFRICAN ANCESTORS who taught us to say: "PEACE." Yes!; it is well done.

Though I don't stand here to teach from the WORDS passed down from our own Scribes of God Ta-Hute, I must recall that this "IMACULATE CONCEPTION"9 and "VIRGIN BIRTH"10, not unlike that which took place of Goddess Aset11 and God HERU12 which we are experiencing respectively, bring forward a sort of "RESSURRECTION"13 not unlike the symbolic state of God Asaru. For here too we find the "UNITY" of which Pharaoh Amemhotep IV/Akhenaten14 refered in context of his "ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD—ATEN." In the teachings that reached us from the GRAND TEMPLE of Wa'set, Upper Ta-Merry, Northeast Alkebu-lan/"Africa." Thus let us EXAMINE and LEARN. Let us SEEK OUT and TEACH, ORGANIZE and THEORIZE; yet for eternity's sake, let us not IDOLIZE.

What we are facing here in nothing but a "RESURRECTION"; one which must take us back at the BASE of our origin wherever in MOTHER "AFRICA"15 that was. At this point we must RE-EXAMINE the total origin of the dastardly "SLAVE TRADE" from our "MOTHER and FATHERLAND" to Arabia and points further east, equally to Italy and points further west, leaving no stones unturned in PUNISHING THE CULPRITS and PROCRASTINATORS OF OUR HOLOCAUSTS. Of course, we are duty bound to EXAMINE the SOCIO-POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, CULTURAL and SPIRITUAL experiences therefrom, therewith, and thereto, etc. Due to these "TRUTHS" we can no longer CASTIGATE each other through the SLANDEROUS DISTORTION of Alkebu-lan's HISTORY and HERITAGE by Asian and European colonialist historians and their worthless NEGRO and/or COLORED understudies. To so avoid, we must at all times document "TRUTH" beyond "BELIEF" and "DIVINE[!] INSPIRATION" from any GOD and/or GODDESS when the result is to be on a PHYSICAL LEVEL, remembering always our primary guidelines and goal in process: LET "TRUTH" BE OUR LINE OF ENTRY TO KNOWLEDGE.16 This is translated frequently as: "SPEAK THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE." In either case we must go to the TOMB OF RAMESES VI, Valley of the Kings, Wa'set, Upper Ta-Merry, Northeast Alkebu-lan/"Africa" where these "TRUTHS' face us as the "COMMANDMENTS OF GODDESS MAAT" which Hebrew Scribes at their SANHEDRIN17 distorted and claimed for one of their alleged African forerunners named "MOSHE" sometime in 700 B.C.E. MOSES, supposedly was born in "GOSHEN" lower Ta-Merry, northeast Alkebu-lan/Africa.

Harvest Season in the 11th Dynasty

End Notes:

  1. 4,000 miles from Uganda through Egypt on into the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. 3.5 miles in Sudan, that is if one is not considering the widest part of Lake Nasser [caused by the "New High Dam" in Eso Won, Upper Egypt-Nubia, all of it man-made by damming the Nile River].
  3. Out of the northern shore of Africa's largest lake—Mwanza Nyanza [colonial "Lake Victoria"].
  4. Correctly today's "Arab Republic of Egypt," which suggest no official role for the indigenous Africans whose ancestors created the original High-Culture/"Civilization" at the end of the Nile.
  5. See Sir Ernest A.W. Budge, Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani, London Museum, London, 1895.
  6. Included in Brian Appleby [transl.]., Book of the Gates, London and Berlin, 1880.
  7. See Sir E.A.W. Budge, Gods and Goddess of the Egyptians, London, 1919.
  8. From his speech of August 4, 1858 in Rochester, New York: "What Does the Negro Have To Celebrate On July 4th?" He withdrew from the African American Freedom Movement following his marriage to a European [white] woman of Washington D.C., the beginning of his defection to so-called "White America." He was the son of a white man who raped his black mother.
  9. According to the ancients; A "Righteous [immaculate] Conception" by any women—married of single. The oldest record on this is of Goddess Aset's Conception 4,100 years before Mary's.
  10. The end result of any "Immaculate Conception"; the first on record being God Heru—son of Goddess Aset. See friezes in the Temple of Pharaoh Sethi I, Abydos, Upper Egypt, Northeast Africa.
  11. The correct name for the Greek version—"Isis"—mother of God Mendulese and God Heru, wife of God Asaru.
  12. Proper for the Greek version—"Horus"; related as "son of Goddess Aset."
  13. To "return from death to life." The first recorded occurrence of this being God Asary [called "Osiris" by the Greeks], as shown by illustrations in the Temple of Sethi I, Abydos, and elsewhere.
  14. 10th Pharaoh of the XVIIIth Dynasty, ca. 1498–1349 B.C.E., son of Queen Tiyi and Pharaoh Amenhotep IIIrd, husband of Queen Nefertiti, Father-in-law of Pharaoh Tutankhaten/Tuatankhamun and father of Queen Ameneseaten [wife of Tutankhamun].
  15. Original name of an enclave between Libya and Egypt where the ancient Greeks listened for bits of information coming out of Egypt from about 1,000–450 B.C.E. See Herodotus' Map of Africa in ca. 450 B.C.E. on p. 350 of Y.A.A. ben-Jochannan's Black Man of the Nile and His Family, 1983 edition.
  16. Taught at the Grand Temple [Lodge] both at Sakhara and Wa'set by the Priests of God Ptah and God Amun. These two "Mother Lodges" existed thousands of years before King Solomon's birth.
  17. Religious Center of Ancient Hebrew Intellectuals whose writings formed the basis of "Jewish Thought" even today in 1986 C.E. These were the so-called "Inspired Scribes of God"!

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