By Khalfani Mwamba


HEY! Did you get ANY money in the last two weeks? How much of that do you have right now? If your answer is nothin' or not much, you're not alone but then again you're keeping some dangerous company. In his good book, The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People, the Mormon motivational speaker, Dr. Stephen Covey, distinguishes well between the interpersonal relationships of 1) Dependence 2) Independence and 3) Interdependence. In line with the wisdom of Dr. Maulana Karenga's Nguzo Saba--the Seven Principles of Afrikan togetherness celebrated during Kwanzaa--Dr. Covey employs the highly spiritual digit seven (7) in numbering the consistent actions of 2winners. He identifies the priorities of

  1. Being proactive
  2. Beginning (a project) with the end in mind
  3. Putting first things first
  4. Thinking win/win
  5. Seeking first to understand...THEN to be understood
  6. Synergizing (cooperatively producing with others)
  7. Sharpening the saw (getting better and better at everything you do)

When pursuing goals, the first three of these are viewed as "private" or personal victories. While habits 4,5, and 6 are seen as "public victories." Now when none of the habits can be consistently found in your behavior or mine, we are condemned to the damnable condition of DEPENDENCE. Whereas, when only the first three consistently combine, the most we may anticipate is a life of arrogant INDEPENDENCE. But the bliss of INTERDEPENDENCE--that cooperative condition where mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong Brothas an' Sistas offer to each the other's strength and offset each other's weakness in building a more beautiful and beneficial community-- this is only perpetually possible once a critical mass of men an' women master all seven habits, Covey contends. (Covey; 1989)

Significantly, these stages of DEPENDENCE, INDEPENDENCE and INTERDEPENDENCE are paralleled by the Moneybonic$ investment priorities of LOANERSHIP, OWNERSHIP and STEWARDSHIP "Despite all the hype, the jargon, and the 396 million reams of paper generated each year to analyze the stock market, basically, there are only two investment choices: stocks and bonds. You can invest your dollars by making a loan to someone or by buyiung something that you own and control. Bonds are a loan and stocks are ownership. " (Stephens; 1997)

Of course having money left over to invest at all, after paying for all the months necessities is only possible IF you live BELOW your means. It's true that most writers talk wrongly about living WITHIN your means. But at best these are unrealistic because they presume that we accurately know what our means are and that in our age of make-and-spend, we will actually save money AFTER we pay all of our bills. In fact, the average household in the U.S. spends 103% of its yearly income. So if you wait to pay yourself until after all of your collectors are paid, you will save exactly never and save exactly nothing. What's more, answer this: HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE YOU SAVED IN THE LAST 10 YEARS? 'MEMBER, IP YA DON' WANNA KEEP GETTIN' WHA' CHOU BEEN GETTIN' DEN STA'T DOIN' WHA CHOU AIN' BEEN DOIN' PAY YO' SE'F FIRS'

Paying yourself first requires the first habit of successbeing proactive. So put the paper down now and go grab a calculator and your last paycheck--proactively. Stop please! Don't keep reading without those items. Now multiply your paycheck take-home amount by 5%. Eg: $1500 × .05 = $75.00 The next time you get a paycheck--no matter when or how much it is--open a NEW Savings-Only Account with 5% of the check amount, AND put at least 5% of ALL future checks into that NEW account.

Chances are that you will open that account in a Bank, Credit Union or Savings and Loan. Would you believe its at this point that you become a Moneylender? Its true. But the power your NEW position implies is obscured by the title they wish to give you which is what? -- Depositor. In truth, your deposit is a loan from you to the Bank, Credit Union or Saving and Loan. On their total sum of these they can lend four times this amount to THEIR borrowers. After all, what is the money called that you get paid periodically for having money in the bank? Interest. And just what exactly is interest? It's the PRICE of borrowing money (American Heritage; 1990)

"The white race deems itself to be the dominant race of this country. And so it is in prestige, in achievement, in education, in welfare and power. So I do not doubt it will continue to be for all time; if it remains true to its great heritage." (Supreme Court Justice Harlen--1896)

Six years into the 20th Century W.E.B. DuBois forecasted for its remainder that "The problem of the twentieth Century will be the problem of the color line." I see no reason to delay an identical forecast until 2006. Remember that you read it hear first: THE PROBLEM OF THE 21ST C. WILL BE THE PROBLEM OF THE COLOR LINE. Need proof? Look no farther than Initiative 200, an evil attack especially on those who are Black: "Shall government be prohibited from discriminating or granting preferential treatment based on race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in public employment, education, and contracting?" Believe it or not the best answer here is "NO"! But since the words sound as good as Sampson's Delilah looked; since supporters lie and call this a "Civil Rights" Bill; and since a quarter-million dollars of California money has funded its campaign, you'll probably be tricked into voting "yes" for it. 28% of Californians in a similar situation voted "yes" but support Affirmative Action. (No-200 Campaign) Yet if you'll look back to the time of DuBois, you may agree with the ancient Afrikans who said: "The further you look back, the clearer you'll see foreward."

When Supreme Court Justice Harlen said those opening words in 1896, he was dissenting against the freshly approved "Plessey v. Ferguson" SEGREGATION laws of Louisiana only because he felt they were unecessary and potentially dangerous. Likely fearing a flare-up of the most deadly Civil War which cost at least 400,000 lives and was fought just 31 years before, Harlen shunned "color concious" laws in favor of "color blind" laws. BUT he was no more concerned with Peoples of color's true justice than are supporters of Initiative 200 now. Nor was he concerned with: IF Anglo-Dominion (Racism) should continue, but HOW Anglo-Dominion (Racism) should continue. Convinced of innate Anglo superiority; massive economic superiority from (then) 256 years of Afrikan enslavement; while forecasting the need for international goodwill, Harlen felt his ethny did not need the crutch of SEGREGATION to be superior. Seven of the other eight Judges weren't so sure. They elected themselves to comply with the crimes of SEGREGATION affirming the "Separate but Equal" doctrine with only the intention of enforcing the separate.

102 years later we are again hearing statements in favor of Justice Harlen's "color blind" racism. At first hearing, it sounds impossible that after enduring 69 out of the last 102 years (18961965) with legal "color concious" racism called SEGREGATION we could now face (in the next 102 years?) a legal "color blind" racism called ASSIMILATION. I-200 supporters even have the nerve to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who did say "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." This, though, was uttered when the righteous end to legal SEGREGATION was in sight and was wisely used to speed this. King also knew "A society that has done something special AGAINST the (Afro-American) for hundreds of years must now do something special FOR him, in order to equip him to compete on a just and equal basis." (King; 1967) Don't expect I-200 supporters to use this quote much.

There is no sense nor sanity in ignoring the obvious. We can know you are Black just by looking at you. We can know if your people have freedom and justice by looking at your collective condition. MAMA, SHE SAY DON' LIE TO NOBODY. DAT 'POSE TO INCLUDE DON' LIE TO YO' SE'F. We can be no less concious of a person's color than we can be of a flower's colornor should we be if all of creation is blessed. Any law pretending that Anglo-Dominion (racism) has disappeared is not color blind, but is reality blind at best, or at worst has genocidal intent. Even the currently presiding Supreme Court has ruled "(t)he unhappy persistence of both the practice and lingering effects of racial discrimination in this country is an unfortunate reality, and government is not disqualified from acting in response to it." (Adarand Contractors Inc. v. Pena, 115 S. Ct. 2097, 21011995) I-200 so disqualifies government.

Now racism is not conciousness of the kind where "birds of a feather" enjoy flocking together. RACISM IS THE SYSTEMATIC ENSLAVEMENT OR EXPLOTATION OF A GROUP BASED ON THEIR RACE. Only Anglo-Americans have such institutionalized power here which EQUATES racism's combined ideas AND actions with Anglo-Dominion. Racism does not always involve malice nor intent, but is measured merely by the relative relationship of races as they encounter each other. Afrikan American incomes are 61% (about 3/5) that of Anglo Americans. Our business ownership rate is 67% less; while the state of Washington has the highest per capita rate of jailing Afrikan American men in the U.S. (Census via Internet; 1997) A cold component of the DESEGREGATION alternative has been the assumption that Afrikan Americans should completely ASSIMIMILATE all values, customs and habits of Euro-Americans. Many Afrikan Americans have been mis-educated towards the goal of becoming a "Black Anglo-Saxons." (Hare; 1965) This is most racist in presuming the priority of Euro-American culture for ALL peoples!!!!! I-200 compliments this assault on Afrikan American culture in three ways:

  1. I-200 ignores todays racial inequities.
  2. I-200 effectively bans referring to "race" during discrimination court actions regardless of reality.
  3. I-200 poses that the problem of the color line is with those who acknowledge it and NOT with the Anglos who exploit and extend the power of it.

You can ACTIVELY oppose I-200 by attending this weeks 18th Annual African American Legislative Weekend this Sunday and Monday in Olympia. Contact Ms. Vivian Caver to reserve your seat at __________ If you can't do that but see yourself as serious, call your law maker in Olympia toll free at 1 (800) __________ Be sure to say that "YES" TO AFFIMATIVE ACTION MEANS "NO" TO INITIATIVE 200.