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African Psychology: Toward its Reclamation, Reascension, and Revitalization
by Wade W. Nobles, Ph.D.

This text responds to the innate questions, why is there a need for a Black psychology and where is it (the field) going? A single test is incapable of capturing and reflecting the essential passion and full integrity of African (Black) psychology. However, with a desire to at least provide some guidance in understanding the vital nature and historical legacy for the reascension of African (Black) psychology, this text is offered as a preliminary attempt to call for the reclamation, reascension and revitalization of a discipline dedicated to the illumination, understanding and study of the Human Spirit.

This text is of interest and value to all peoples concerned with understanding Black behavioral modalities.

ISBN 0-939205-02-5. Paper, $12.00.

Understanding the Black Family: A Guide for Scholarship and Research
by Wade W. Nobles, Ph.D. and Lawford L. Goddard, Ph.D

This text, which is rooted in basic research designed to critique black family scientific scholarship, provides the field with a much needed set of guidelines for understanding the strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and inabilities of science and research in relation to the Black family. Indeed the text gives us that initial license and authority to approach the task of questioning the questions, critiquing the critiques, and interpreting the interpretations from a black cultural perspective. This book serves as an important instrument in correcting the misconception and misinformation about Black family life. The authors argue cogently that continued use of non-Black oriented scholarship and techniques to understand Black reality will only result in the continued reinforcement of the belief that the black family is an imperfect product of America.

This book will be extremely useful to scholars in the area of social and behavioral science in general and Black studies in particular.

ISBN 0-939205-00-9. Paper, $12.00.

Africanity and the Black Family: The Development of a Theoretical Model
by Wade W. Nobles, Ph.D.

For the first time in a single place, the seminal theoretical thinking of Dr. Nobles is put forth for our examination and benefit. Not only does this text provide the student of the Black family with a framework for critiquing the field of Black family scholarship, it constructs a unique model for engaging in authentic scientific inquiry from an Afrocentric perspective and demonstrates with original research the application and implications of an Afrocentric theoretical and empirical framework for the examination of Black family life. The theoretical model discussed in this text is the result of over a decade of applied research in the African American culture, value systems, and lifestyles. In effect it is grounded in the experience of one thinker living and studying the African way as reflected in African American family life.

This text will, without question, help to guide and fortify the authentic (Afrocentric) thrust in Black family studies. It is of value and interest to all students concerned with unraveling the dynamics of Black family functioning.

ISBN 0-939205-01-7. Paper, $12.00.

African American Families: Issues, Insights, and Directions
by Wade W. Nobles, Ph.D., Lawford L. Goddard, Ph.D, William E. Cavil, III, and Pamela Y. George, M.S.

This text is designed as a workbook that would allow families, groups, etc. to address the issues confronting the African American family. It asks the basic question What is the African American family and where is it going? In attempting to answer these basic questions the authors provide relevant information regarding the African American family and the conditions confronting it. Chapters include Authentic Features in the African American Family, Media Technology and the African American Family, Religion and Spirituality, Substance Abuse and the Future of the African American Family.

This text is of direct value to all individuals who are concerned with the current conditions and future prospects of the African American family.

ISBN 0-939205-04-1. Paper, $12.00.

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