By Dr. Conrad W. Worrill (September 8, 2000)

In 1982, under the leadership of the renown leader of Libya, Colonel Muammar El Qadhafi, the World Mathaba was formed "as a response to concrete historical circumstances of the time as an organization of revolutionary movements, parties, Liberation Movements, and progressive forces of the world to counter the global reactionary forces of imperialism, Zionism, Fascism, and racism."

In this regard, the National Black United Front (NBUF), of which I am the National Chairman, was invited to participate in "The Summit of the Heads of States, Governments, Parties, and Organizations Forming the World Mathaba" in Sirte, Libya, August 30 and 31, 2000. More than five hundred delegates from all over the world participated in the conference held at the beautiful Grand Congress Hall.

The word Mathaba means center and in this context World Mathaba Movement serves as the center for mobilizing revolutionary and progressive forces worldwide.

Since 1982, the World Mathaba has sponsored numerous important conferences and symposiums aimed at furthering peace, justice, and freedom in the world. Some of these conferences and symposiums were: 1) The Conference of the Revolutionary and Progressive Forces in the Pacific Region; 2) The First Conference of the Revolutionary and Progressive Forces in Africa; 3) The Conference of Revolutionaries of Latin America and the Caribbean Sea; and 4) The First World Congress of Red Indians.

At the First Conference of the Revolutionary and Progressive Forces in Africa held on the shores of the Gulf of Sirte, September 26 – 28, 1986, the conference declared that "The continent is exposed more than in any past period to the plans of imperialist, Zionist, and racialist powers which target the elimination of the existence of man (woman), land, culture, and wealth in Africa and work toward subjugating the peoples of Africa to their hegemony and toward usurping their right to rebel and revolt against injustice, subjugation, hegemony, and racial discrimination."

We can observe the continuation of this trend by so–called western powers, led by the United States, who are attempting to re–colonize Africa. The forces of the World Mathaba are prepared to fight against this trend as they forge ahead with the renewed call by Colonel Qadhafi for a United States of Africa. In his two hour speech on the first night of the conference Colonel Qadhafi reiterated this call for a United Africa under the auspices of a United States of Africa.

Qadhafi said that "Africa is for Africans, and those who cannot accept or have a problem with the Black color of most Africans should leave." He said "they should cross the sea and find somewhere else to live."

On the first evening of the conference we also heard speeches from President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, President Museveni of Uganda, President Blaise Compare of Burkino Faso, President Sam Nujoma of Namibia, the President of Chad and Mali, President YaYa Jammeh of Gambia, the President of Guinea Bissau, the President of Senegal and Prime Minister Rosie Douglass of Dominica.

Minister Louis Farrakhan introduced Colonel Qadhafi and encouraged him to accept the United Nations invitation to speak at the opening of the General Assembly even though he was only offered seven minutes to speak. Minister Farrakhan noted that seven minutes of Qadhafi would be like two hours of anyone else.

Other organizations invited to the conference from North America and the Caribbean were Bob Brown, The Kwamé Turé Library Project, Michael Cooper and Macheo Shabaka of the All–African Peoples Revolutionary Party (AAPRP), Robert Taylor and Abdul Hawk of the December 12th Movement, Dr. Imari Obadele of the Republic of New Africa, Kalonji Olusegun of N’COBRA, Bill "Jimbo" Simmons of the American Indian Movement, Warrior Woman of the Redwinds International Intertribal Nation, Bilal Sunni Ali and Fulani Sunni Ali of the International Committee to Support Iman Jamal Abdullah Al–Amin (formerly, Rap Brown), Zaki Buriti, Universal African Peoples Organization (St. Louis, Missouri), and Ayuko Babu and Asantewa Olatunji of the Pan African Film Festival, James Muhammad and Dr. Alim Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, and Prime Minister Rosie Douglass and the Caribbean Delegation. Also, Akbar Muhammad of the Nation of Islam participated and is a member of the Mathaba Board. Brother Akbar coordinated the North American and Caribbean Delegation.

Numerous resolutions were passed at the World Mathaba Conference and of particular importance to African people was the support for the claims of all formerly colonized and subjugated peoples of the world to be free and justly compensated for the exploitation of their resources and labor and the destruction of their identity and heritage through slavery and other forms of domination. In short, the World Mathaba supports Reparations for African people.

It was truly a great conference and a great experience that I will write about in future articles.

National Chairman
National Black United Front (NBUF)

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