By Dr. Conrad W. Worrill (October 21, 2005)



            The Millions More Movement commemoration and celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March held on Saturday, October 15, 2005 in Washington, D. C. was a magnificent success for some of the following reasons:

  1. The idea that we must continue to mobilize and organize our people beyond this grand celebration and commemoration is an idea that was a penetrating theme, which has caught on like wildfire.
  2. Despite the reservations of cynics, African people throughout America mobilized and organized people to attend the 10th Anniversary through Local Organizing Committees (LOC’s), churches, mosques, fraternities, sororities, block clubs, social clubs, Black led labor unions, Black Movement activist organizations, Black controlled media outlets, and just every day Black people who assembled their families and drove their cars to participate in this historic event.
  3. Thanks largely to the Believers of the Nation of Islam; more than one million dollars through twenty dollar registration fees were secured to help defray some of the expenses of the 10th Anniversary event. The key here is that we financed this project primarily through a grassroots strategy of registrations that demonstrated that we must continue to help finance the Millions More Movement if we are to be successful in our on-going organizing work.
  4. In the history of the Black Movement in America, there has never been such an assembly of a cross section of Black leadership that represented most segments of Black thought. Almost all streams of our movement were significantly represented.
  5. The fundamental issues that impact Black people in America were presented in the Millions More Movement “Priority Issues” segment of the program. Brief presentations summarizing our organizing challenges concerning these issues included: Family Development, Health Development, Educational Development, Spiritual Development, Economic Development, Labor Issues, Housing Development, the issue of Peace in terms of demanding an end to the Iraq War, as well as, the call for Peace among ourselves in our own communities.
  6. The issue of “Katrina” was given significant time on the program to report how Black people responded to this crisis and the continued support our people need in the Gulf Coast Region, particularly our brothers and sisters in New Orleans.
  7. The “International” section of the day long program was an important demonstration of our on-going support and connection to African people worldwide. The message through video by the Prime Minister of Jamaica and the representative of Cuba were important contributions to the Millions More Movement “Global Connection.”
  8. The significant “Youth” representation on the program was key to the day’s success. It should be observed that our youth helped organize the Millions More Movement 10th Anniversary. The youth presence was felt as we prepare for the next generation of leaders and activists.
  9. Our culture was displayed through a variety of musical presentations from gospel, rap, hip-hop, jazz, and reggae. These presentations helped lift our spirit throughout the day.
  10. The day was a success because we were able, throughout the day, to make the case and demand for “Reparations” and the release of our political prisoners.
  11. Finally, this day was successful because of the brilliant organizing framework provided in the final speech of the day by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I urge everyone to read the Minister’s speech, listen, or to view the video. His speech must be seriously studied and acted upon. Minister Farrakhan gave us a clear path for the Millions More Movement to organize around. Minister Farrakhan proclaimed that “In order to test the strength of an idea and the commitment of those who support the idea, we must be tested by opposition. So when we go back home, we should know that our work has just begun.”

It is my hope that all local organizing committees, across the United States, immediately convene meetings to assess and evaluate October 15th and begin addressing collective organizing strategies around the issues of the Millions More Movement.

We must continue, with all of our hearts and souls, to build the Millions More Movement. BLACK POWER!

National Chairman
National Black United Front (NBUF)

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