By Dr. Conrad W. Worrill (September 21, 2002)


            Often times in the “movement,” we don’t say thank you to the people who really make the “movement” a “movement.”

            A “movement,” and in this case we are talking about the Black Liberation Movement, is made up of everyday people who believe in the cause of the “movement” and participate on many levels in making the causes of that “movement” known to the public.

            The Black Liberation Movement advocates generally believe that as African people in America we should determine our own destiny, define our own issues, problems and reality, and collectively solve them as a people. The people who hold these views are generally referred to as

Black Nationalists. These are the people who believe that African people in America should control the political, economic, and social fabric of our communities.

            The thousands, and I would say, millions of African people who believe that as African people we should control our own destiny and fight for self-determination, independence and liberation, more often than not, are not thanked for their contributions to keeping this wing of the movement alive.

            I want to thank all the sisters and brothers in our struggle who, through their volunteer participation, have kept the ideas of the Black Liberation Movement on the front burner.

            These are the sisters and brothers who perform many of the thankless tasks of our “movement” such as standing on corners passing out flyers, going door to door distributing information, putting up posters, donating and raising money, attending meetings on a regular basis, and so many other tasks that are too numerous to mention.

            To these sisters and brothers, I just want to say “a simple” thank you! Without your dedication and commitment to the cause of our liberation and independence, the issues we historically have advocated would have virtually vanished from public discussion. 

            A clear example of the Black Liberation Movement / Black Nationalist tenacity in keeping an idea alive is the issue of reparations. It has been the everyday Black people in America, over the last one hundred years, who have refused, against great odds, to let this issue “die.” Because of everyday African people in America supporting the issue of reparations, it has now become a mass movement that has caused the world to take notice.

            Again, I just want to simply say, thank you! It is so important from time to time to acknowledge the contributions of the masses of our people who through their participation are the real reasons any mass movement is successful. Credit may be given to this leader or that leader, through the media, but it is the masses of our people who should get the real credit. Without the support and work of the masses, the ideas of the movement cannot be propelled.

            It should be clear that the support of the masses of African people in America for reparations has been the critical factor in elevating this issue to the heights that it has reached today.

            I just want to say thank you to the millions of African people in America who have rejuvenated Black Nationalist thinking through their support of the Reparations Movement as we continue to struggle as a people for what is in our best collective interests.

            There are far too many African people in this country who think what is good for other people should be good for us. Nothing could be further from the truth.

            It is important that we thank each other from time to time in the “movement” because whether we like it or not, as an African people, we are bound together.

            As a race of people, we have no choice but to continue the work of the Black Liberation Movement by pushing the issue of reparations to even higher ground.

            We must remind ourselves that the Europeans created the system of white supremacy that has caused so much of the world to hate us, (and for so many of our people to hate themselves) even though they secretly admire what we have given to the world. Many of them know the truth. The problem is so many of us don’t— due to the education system they created to cover up the truth.

            Finally, I want to thank you for being followers of the African Way and lovers of African people. It is you, who deeply understand that the ravaging of African civilizations, African culture, African minds, African lands, and African spirit must be repaired and restored.

            When we take time out to thank each other, we our demonstrating our love for each other as we continue to fight against the genocidal onslaught being waged against us and build the Reparations Movement.

            Take time out today and thank someone for helping to build the “movement!”

National Chairman
National Black United Front (NBUF)

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