By Dr. Conrad W. Worrill (June 8, 2001)

Recently, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney convened a hearing through her role as a member of the Congressional National Security and International Relations Committee where she has been concentrating on International Operations and Human Rights. Over the years, we have monitored the political, economic, social, and liberation movement affairs in Africa. We have always been suspect of the various assassinations, coup’s, so-called tribal wars, and economic-political destabilization. It has been our view that many of the problems projected in the media concerning Africa have been caused by hidden hands. Sometimes these suspicions were hard to verify, but nonetheless, our suspicions remained. Congresswoman McKinney’s hearings have finally verified a great deal of what we suspected has been taking place in Africa through the hidden hands of the United States and "former" colonizers of Africa.

The revelations of these hearings is key in relationship to the United States and the European Union of countries role in working overtime to prevent the issue of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery being a Crime Against Humanity and the Reparations (compensation) issue being a part of the Durban Declaration at the upcoming United Nations World Conference Against Racism (WCAR). This conference will be held in Durban, South Africa from August 31st through September 7, 2001.

In the United States Non-Paper presented to the delegates at the recent WCAR Preparatory Committee Meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland, May 21-June 1, 2001, they stated, "…there is no comparable basis for addressing the historical internal situation concerning slavery, including through reparations or some other international compensatory scheme." Further, the United States Non-Paper explained, "We agree that slavery and the slave trade of the distant past must be acknowledged, discussed, learned from, and condemned… We believe, moreover, that each country must take it upon itself to confront its own past, and to provide effective recourse and remedies to address the legacy of slavery."

The issue of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade goes beyond the boundaries of individual countries. It was a collective economic enterprise by the slave trading nations of Portugal, Spain, France, England, and especially, the United States of America. It must be admitted that western society is the history of the modern slave trade, so that it is certainly more than appropriate that the issue of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade as a Crime Against Humanity and Reparations for African people worldwide should be at the center of the discussion and deliberations at the United Nations World Conference Against Racism.

Through Congresswoman McKinney’s hearings we can get a clue as to why the United States and other "former" African colonial countries are fighting so hard to not discuss the part of history of what has happened to African people as a result of the western European world. Congresswoman McKinney’s hearings reveal the continuation of the United States and Europe’s assaults against Africa and African people.

Congresswoman McKinney reveals in her opening statement at the hearings that "Much of what you will hear today has not been widely reported in the public media. Powerful forces have fought to suppress these stories from entering the public domain… Our speakers are courageous individuals who have gone to many of Africa’s most dangerous and desperately poor locations, not for wealth or riches, but in order to merely discover the truth. They provide us remarkable insight into what has gone on in Africa and what continues to go on in Africa today."

Let us examine briefly, the testimony of Janine Farrell Roberts, author of Blood Stained Diamonds. The case of the Congo has been near and dear to the worldwide Pan African Movement who always suspected the United States, through the CIA, of assassinating Patrice Lumumba. Roberts testified that "When Lumumba, Congo’s first elected leader, spoke of using the Congo’s resources to benefit the Congo, De Beers feared it would lose access to one-third of the world’s diamond supply in the Congo— as would also Tempelsman. Shortly, after this, the CIA facilitated Lumumba’s assassination. Evidence on this came before the Church Intelligence Commission. Immediately after Lumumba’s death, the Acting Prime Minister of the Congo, Adoula announced support for a very major Tempelsman diamond deal, telegramming this to President Kennedy."

Continuing her testimony, Roberts points out, "Immediately after Mobutu came to power, Tempelsman became an even bigger player in the Congo— recruiting his own staff from those CIA staffers that Mobutu most favored that put him in power. Mobutu also at this time gave Tempelsman as a Christmas Gift rich mineral reserves." Her testimony discusses this diamond cabal in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Angola. Roberts concludes her testimony by stating, "Maurice Tempelsman served De Beers’ diamond cartel by promoting foreign policy decisions that favored its access to and control of African diamond fields. This lead to the United States covertly supporting undemocratic and corrupt regimes in Africa to the great detriment of the African people."

It is obvious this same model is used in this country by the white power structure supporting African in America leaders who serve their interests to the detriment of African in America people. Thank you Sister McKinney. We must all read and study the testimony from her profound hearings. Pan African Unity and the Truth will prevail!

National Chairman
National Black United Front (NBUF)

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