United Nations World Conference Against Racism:


By Dr. Conrad W. Worrill (March 07, 2001)

African people need to be reminded that whenever we are in a battle to fight for, and protect, our interests, we should not allow any opposition to change our course. The upcoming United Nations World Conference Against Racism, that will be held in Durban, South Africa from August 29 through September 7, 2001, is beginning to receive sharp criticism from the forces of white supremacy in their efforts to maintain white (European) domination of the world.

In preparation for the United Nations World Conference Against Racism, African governments, African Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), and grassroots movement organizations, throughout the African World Community, have united around the Africa Group Resolution. This resolution was first presented to the UN Commission on Human Rights, in Geneva, in the spring of 1998, declaring that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was a Crime Against Humanity.

It is important that we remind ourselves of the substance of this resolution by citing excerpts from the 1998 draft that stated:

This resolution has ignited a groundswell of Pan African Unity as we prepare to attend, and participate in, the United Nations World Conference Against Racism.

When we use the term Pan Africanism (Pan meaning all), we are talking about the belief that people of African descent, throughout the world, share the same racial and cultural characteristics and social and economic conditions as a result of our African origin.

As a result of the unity galvanized in the African World Community around the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was a Crime Against Humanity Resolution, opposition from the European world (led by the United States) is attempting to prevent this resolution from being presented, discussed, and voted on at the United Nations World Conference Against Racism.

In a recent article first published in the National Post of Canada, Norman Doidge wrote, "The United Nations conference on racism has finally shown its true colors… The meeting scheduled for late summer in South Africa and held under the auspices of the UN High Commission on Human Rights, is nothing but a frontal assault on liberal democracies…"

Further, Doidge writes, "The United States, which fought one of the bloodiest wars in history to end slavery about 150 years ago, is singled out by countries such as the Sudan, which still has Black slaves. African nations are demanding compensation for the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade of the 16th to 19th centuries."

Mr. Doidge carefully ignores the fact that 50 to 100 million African people died in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade either by murder at the hands of the slave merchants, disease, and often jumping off slave ships rather than endure the tragic treatment of being captured on the slave ships.

Mr. Doidge suggested, "Let’s boycott this sham conference." Mr. Doidge’s position reflects the arrogance of the white supremacy forces of the world, which do not want the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Resolution to be presented, discussed, and voted on at the UN World Conference.

Similarly, David Horowitz has stirred up a firestorm by attempting to purchase ads in college newspapers around the country, designed in the image of the Bill of Rights, presenting, "Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Slavery is a Bad Idea— and Racist Too." In one of his ten points Horowitz argues, "Reparations To African Americans Have Already Been Paid" through the so-called "trillions of dollars" African Americans received through Civil Rights Legislative initiatives.

As described by Robert Wesley in his book, Many Billions Gone: Is It Time to Reconsider the Case for Black Reparations?— "none of the initiatives since Emancipation have come close to reparations that would provide the economic wealth to Black communities in recompense for stolen labor, stolen lives."

The efforts to sabotage the UN World Conference from addressing the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Reparations won’t work. Pan African Unity has fostered a powerful public discussion around the world that cannot be ignored. No opposition can change our course. We stand united on this issue!

National Chairman
National Black United Front (NBUF)

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