May 5, 2004

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The Twenty-fifth Annual Silver Anniversary National Black United Front Convention that will convene in Chicago, Illinois July 8-11, 2004 is fast approaching and we hope you are finalizing your plans to attend and participate in this historic gathering.

Forty NBUF members took advantage of the pre-registration discount by sending in their $100.00 convention registrations. We appreciate their support and we thanked each NBUF member individually who responded to this offer.

We are now encouraging all NBUF members, friends, and supporters to register for the $125.00 regular convention fee by June 1, 2004. Remember, the convention registration fee after June 1, 2004 is $150.00. Please send in your convention registration fees now! (See convention brochure.)

Also, please make your hotel reservations before the June 1, 2004 deadline to insure your housing at the designated convention hotel which is the Black Owned, Amber Inn. (See convention brochure.)

In reviewing the history of NBUF, the founding National Coordinator, Brother Jitu Weusi wrote on July 31, 1980 to all participants of the founding convention the following:

"Over 1,046 people registered and participated in the founding convention

of the National Black United Front on Jun 26th -29th, 1980 in Brooklyn,

New York. They came from 35 states and 5 foreign nations and participated

in the 18 workshops."

Upon further review of our history, it should be noted that one of the workshop resolutions passed was a Resolution on Reparations led by our great Reparations Leader, and ancestor, Queen Mother Moore. The resolution read as follows:

"Whereas, we were captured, branded like cattle, sold into slavery on the auction

block as contraband, and

Whereas, we were chained together in a cruel inhumane manner while crossing the

middle passage in the bowels of stench ridden slave ships, and

Whereas, for over 300 years we have been denied the fruits of our human rights-

the fruits of our labor, as chattel we were forced to breed, work long hours on

plantations, submit to the lust and raping by the slave masters and forced to nurse

their blue eyed babies from our breast while our own babies were given sugar tits, and

Whereas, we were severed from out heritage and inheritance due to our enslavement, and

Whereas, all injured and damaged people in history has filed for and received

reparations, and

Whereas, reparations is long overdue for the theft of our lands, and our labor...

and the centuries of inhumane torture, now therefore...

Be it resolved that this conference endorses a campaign to fight for reparations on

all levels of our work, be it finally resolved that we compel all to commit themselves

to fight for reparations, and further that we establish a Reparations Department

within our Black United Front which would encourage all affiliated organizations

to do likewise."

It took us many years to make the issue of "Reparations" a major focus of our organizing work. I am sure that Queen Mother Moore, through her ancestral spirit, is elated that NBUF finally made her 1980 resolution become a reality in our day to day organizing work.

The issue of Reparations has become one of the major issues for African people worldwide and we should be proud of the work of NBUF in helping to raise this issue and educate our people to its importance in our struggle for liberation, freedom, and justice.

Enclosed you will find one of NBUF's latest tools, the Reparations Petition, we are using to organize and mobilize our people around the demand for reparations. Please duplicate and circulate these historic petitions.

Our goal is to help secure a million signatures through the NDABA Movement organizing process.

It is our aim to submit these petitions to Congress before the upcoming presidential elections in October of 2004.

Look forward to seeing you at the convention.

Yours in the struggle,

National Chairman

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