October 29, 2003


Dear NBUF Members, Supporters, and Friends:


We are proud of NBUF’s contribution to the African Liberation Movement worldwide over the last twenty-five years. It seems like just a short moment ago that our founding convention took place in June 1980 in Brooklyn, New York at the Old Armory. Out of that historic meeting, where over a thousand activists descended from all over the United States, we launched the development of the National Black United Front.


We are currently organizing the 25th Silver Anniversary National Black United Front Convention to be held in Chicago, Illinois, July 8-11, 2004. We are seeking maximum participation from all NBUF members, supporters, and friends as we celebrate twenty-five years of organizing, mobilizing, and strategizing in the Black Liberation Movement and beyond.


One way that we plan to provide an incentive for maximum participation is to offer a discount on registration for all brothers and sisters who register for the convention by the Winter/Spring Central Committee Meeting that will be held in Chicago on March 5 -6, 2004. Regular registration will be discounted from $125 to $100 per person if received by March 6th. We are hoping this incentive campaign will encourage each and every one of you to begin financially organizing to meet the discount incentive deadline.


In addition, we hope all chapters, members, supporters, and friends will support the 25th Silver Anniversary Souvenir Ad Book by purchasing ads and submitting documents, including pictures, for compilation in our Souvenir Ad Book. Enclosed you will find our color convention brochure with details and information on the convention and the ad book.


Again, we encourage everyone to take advantage of the discount registration. Let us all begin to celebrate the work we’ve done and become inspired to continue our outstanding participation and commitment to the Black Liberation Movement through our organizing work in NBUF.


Yours in the struggle,

National Chairman
National Black United Front (NBUF)

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