NBUF On the Trial in Jasper Texas

By Michael Haggerty

I visited Jasper yesterday, to observe the final arguments of the trial as a representative of the National Black United Front, and to interact with the Black community. In speaking with several members of the community, it became very obvious that the world is being duped regarding the state of affairs there. I and the other members who were with me, Mrs. Jean Dember and Mr. Clarence Dember, and Sis. Yaa Asantewa were informed of other past and ongoing atrocities in Jasper. As expected the white supremacist organization that the convicted killer of Mr. James Byrd was creating had a membership list already in effect, many Afrikan people from various age groups expressed that fear was the motivator in preventing more people from speaking out. According to several residents we spoke to, at least one wealthy European man there, is a known or suspected high level drug dealer and murderer of African people , who has not been prosecuted.

The dis-information being broadcast by traditional media is an affront to us all, but as we know not an aberration. This only highlights the need for alternative media which we create to inform our people of the truth.

We felt no exuberance or happiness upon hearing the verdict, that Black people are lynched in this country everyday, if not physically, then psychologically and/or mentally. The punishment of one person does not make up for the death of millions . The europeans in this country need to acknowledge their compliance , and or non-actions which has allowed this to happen in the past, present and which will continue to happen.. America needs to "repair" the damage done to people of African descent because of slavery, racism and white supremacy.

The official statement made in Jasper is below.

    The position of the National Black United Front is that:
  1. We are here to show support for the Byrd family and the Black community: The eyes of the world are on Jasper, and we want to show that the hearts and spirits of Afrikan people around the world are with the family.
  2. To take a stand against white supremacy.
  3. To observe justice in this case.
  4. To encourage Black folks to organize themselves for self-defense against these attacks.

Regarding the death penalty:
The National Black United Front is against the death penalty, when it is applied in a white supremacist manner. (Note support in Gary Graham case, fight for Clarence Brandley) Statistics bear out that the death penalty has been disproportionately applied against Black people. Since there is a death penalty in Texas, if anyone deserves death John William King deserves death!!!

Though not asked we also prepared a statement, regarding Quannel X, the New Black Muslim Movement, and the New Black Panther Party.

We support the New Black Muslim Movement & New Black Panther party in our right to self-defense. If Jesse can come here and sing "We Shall Overcome", the New Black Muslim Movement and New Black Panther Party can state our case for self-defense.


Michael Haggerty(exodusn) NBUF-Houston