Now that George W. Bush Jr. and Al Gore Jr. have settled their little spat and called on Americans to unite under one banner, this represents an opportunity, a defining moment; if you will for those in the African-American community to come to terms with some harsh realities of our situation in this country. We are confident that in our communities we understand that neither of these men represents our "Saviour". In our opinion it is simply a question of tactical differences in how we deal with Republicans or Democrats. Over the past months we have watched Black faces in high places in both major parties parading around at conventions and consulting with Bush and Gore; people like the Rev. Jesse Jackson, General Colon Powell and many others on the local and national level. If we are to believe what we see, then you are in the inner sanctum of these major decision makers. Therefore, we have some critical questions for you! We view all of the following areas to be critical, state of emergency, high priority issues for the African-American community.

As NBUF continues to address these issues from a self-determining position and make our voices heard in various ways it is incumbent on you to speak truth to power. We await your timely response.


Struggle, Service, Sacrifice,

Kofi Taharka
National Secretary, Houston Chairman, National Black United Front

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