New York City Black Leadership Alliance

calls for

D O L L A R   O U T   D A Y S

APRIL 29th thru May 3rd

Press Release

Position statement

Contact: Maxine Hunter
(212) 862-9120

Don't Shop Where You're Not Respected!

Use Economic Sanctions To Fight New Yort City Racism

We can make a change in this city by
keeping our change on these days.

Frederick Douglass was right when he said:
" Who you give your money to,
is who you give your power to."

Who are we giving our power to?
Black consumers continue to out spend all other consumers. Last year Blacks spent $1.5 Billion more on shoes than we did the year before. $206 Million more on coffee. $691 Million in the super market. Last year Black youth, who are regularly accused of theft, actually spent $19 Billion dollars. In New York City, Black consumers spend over $60 Billion annually. Most of that money is being spent with people who seem to hold the Black community in contempt.

The New York City
Leadership Alliance

Baptist Ministers
Conference of
Greater New York

Rev. Calvin Butts

Council of Churches
of the city of New York

Bob Law

Rev. Timothy Mitchell

New York City
BLack Social Workers

United Missionary
Baptist Association

The Vulcan Society

Let's demonstrate the

No Justice, No Profit!

Let the absence of your dollars show how important
Black New Yorkers are to this city.

Volunteers meet
Wednesdays at 7pm,
At Abyssinian Baptist Church
132 West 138th Street, Harlem NY

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