The W.E.B Dubois Learning Center

Computer Science
The goal of the computer science program is to introduce students to the world of computer science by utilizing self-pace, user friendly software and computer literate instructors(lectures).

The program parallels the mathematics program in that it offers a series of courses that build upon each other. There are three specific levels for the computer science program. The first and second level courses will be implemented immediately after obtaining the equipment. The third level will be developed and implemented within 18 months of the start of the first and second level course.
  • Beginners/Introductory Level 1 - will teach students the fundamentals of MS-DOS, the use of peripherals and basic word processing. The course lectures will familiarirze students to computer jargon and explore the evolution of computers.
  • Intermediate Level 2 - will teach students the fundamentals of the four basic computer applications: Data Base Management, Spreadsheets, Word Processing and Communications. The course also teaches students how to use desktop publishing, group project publishing and how to create documents with data-driven graphics.
  • Advanced Level 3 - will teach students the fundamentals of Basic and various programming languages ie, (Cobol, Fortran, C/C++, etc...) The objectives of this course is to present material on the college level.
English Program Expansion via Computer Science
Program Objectives
The goal of the computer-aided English Program is to expand our current English program by focusing on the following areas using self-pace, interactive-user friendly software.

Dialectical (language) problems of the Black Child. This program will be rare in that it helps youngsters overcome non-standard English usage. Standard English Acquisition- helping students understand, speaking and writing standard English. The program specifically addresses standard English usage, grammar and vocabulary development as they relate to oral and written skills. The ability to communicate in standard English is the foundation for all learning. Those students lacking in standard English proficiency will have difficulty in reading, writing and spelling skills. Social Studies Enhancement- an instructional program that uses social studies as a model. The reading program is useful for enhancing African American Heritage. It is useful for teaching dates, events, famous people, terms, and in imparting information in any area which students need to learn.
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