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By Oba T'Shaka, Ph.D.

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Oba T'Shaka is a Black Movement activist and scholar, whose activism began in 1960 in the Congress Of Racial Equality (CORE), and continues today through the National Black United Front (NBUF). Oba T'Shaka was a leader of the San Francisco Civil Rights movement, which put over 10,000 people in the streets for jobs for Black people and people of color. T'Shaka led the successful jobs campaign against the Bank of America, then the largest bank in the world.

Dr. T'Shaka served as Chair of the Black Studies Department at San Francisco State University for twelve years, and is a tenured Full Professor. He is a dynamic public speaker who spoke at the Million Man March, and speaks around the country and throughout the world.

Speeches by Dr. Oba T'Shaka

  1. Speech to Webster Elementary School Students: "African Children Are the Reward of Life. The Future Springs From the Past." (Audio)
  2. Speech to 500 Fremont High School Students: "Black to the Future." (Audio)
  3. Speech to Greater Imani Church, Memphis TN: "Choice Between Two Cultures." (Audio)
  4. Speech to Friendship Baptist Church (Detroit) to 1,000 people: "Choice Between Two Cultures." (Video)
  5. Series of speeches that explain various aspects of the book Return to the African Mother Principle of Male and Female Equality, Vol.1:
    1. Two part interview on T.V. program, Oakland is: "The African Mind-Set and Just African Societies." "Twin-Lineal African Family Systems: Yesterday and Today." (Video)
    2. Speech before the 8th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization (ASCAC): "Vision for just African Societies: The Central Inspiration Behind the Book Return to the African Mother Principle of Male and Female Equality, Vol.1. (Audio & Video)
    3. Speech before the 9th ASCAC: "Applying The Twin-Lineal Family System To Create Just African Nation States." (Audio and Video)
    4. Speech before the 11th ASCAC: "Return to the Auser/Auset Just Society Paradigm of Male/Female Equality." (Audio)
    5. Speech before the 11th ASCAC: "The Examination of 13 Ancient & Traditional African Family Systems to Determine the Basis of a Just African Society." (Audio)
    6. Speech before the 12th ASCAC: "A Critique of Diop's Two Cradle Systems, and the Twin-Lineal Family Systems of Ancient Africa." (Audio & Video)
  6. Bethel A.M.E. Church, Baltimore MD: "African-American Freedom Movement, An Act of Popular Culture." (Audio & Video)
  7. Speech delivered to 3,000 Black people in Gainsville, Florida, in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.: "The Radical Ministry of Martin Luther King."
  8. Speeches about brother Malcolm X:
    1. Speech delivered to Wos'e Community Church: "The African Warrior Tradition and Brother Malcolm X." (Audio)
    2. Speech delivered to the Afro-American Museum in Los Angeles: "The Political Legacy of Malcolm X." (Audio)
    3. Speech delivered to Stanford University: "The Thoughts of Brother Malcolm X." (Audio)
    4. Speech delivered at Malcolm X College: "A Critique of the Critics of Malcolm X." (Video)
  9. Speech delivered to Georgia Tech., University: "Civil War Cycles: The Hyksos in Egypt, The Contending State Period in China, and the American Civil War." (Audio)
  10. Speech delivered to 1,000 members of Beta Nu Sorority: "The Black Woman, Continuing The Ethiopian Queen Mother (Kentake) Tradition." (Audio)
  11. Speech delivered to Iowa State University students: "The Million Man March: "Where Do We Go From Here"? (Audio)
  12. Speech delivered to Leo Butler Community Center in Baton Rouge LA: "Community Organizing: The Art of Leadership." (Audio)