The political Legacy of Malcolm X

The Political Legacy of Malcolm X

By Oba T'Shaka, Ph.D.

293 pages, $14.95

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, when reviewing twelve books on Malcolm X for the New York Times listed The Political Leadership Malcolm X number one, saying that this book is "a clear exposition of Malcolm's political ideas as a revolutionary Black Nationalist." Dr. Asa Hilliard, former Dean of the College of Education at San Francisco State University and Fuller E. Calloway Professor or Urban Education at Georgia State University reviewed The Political Legacy of Malcolm X and said; "The writing of this book dwarfs all other writings on Malcolm X. The Autobiography of Malcolm X was written by Alex Haley, the famous author of Roots... One can read this autobiography and remain uniformed about the fundamental thinking of Malcolm X."

Dr. Hilliard also said that "a careful reading of The Political Legacy Malcolm X will show... that Professor T'Shaka has established himself as a foremost authority, if not the foremost authority on the thought of Malcolm X."