The Art of Leadership, Volume 2

The Art of Leadership, Volume 2

By Oba T'Shaka, Ph.D.

453 pages, $18.95

The Art of Leadership, Volume 2 covers six topics:

  1. How to free the mind, using time tested methods introduced by the Black psychologist Frantz Fanon.
  2. Learning from master leaders such as Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and Fannie Lou Hamer: how to develop organizing strategies to unite our communities.
  3. Understanding the Egyptian Mystery System as the foundation for the Black church in America and throughout the world.
  4. Learning how to form alliances and coalitions with Black churches, Black youth, Black businesses, the Black poor, Black welfare rights advocates, and others.
  5. How to use the mall media to publicize community activities.
  6. Understanding and combating the most sophisticated methods (Low Intensity Operations), used by the white power elite to disrupt Black freedom movements.

The Art of Leadership Volumes 1 & 2 are used by individual readers, Black churches, rites of passage programs, Black seminary programs, Civil Rights organizations, community organizations, Black Studies leadership programs, Black study groups, Blacks in prison and community centers. The books are designed to help shape a dedicated, non-compromising leadership that serves the needs of African people wherever we are.