The Art of Leadership, Volume1

The Art of Leadership, Volume 1

By Oba T'Shaka, Ph.D.

418 pages, $18.95 paper, $28.95 hard back

The Art of Leadership, Vol. 1, is the only book in the modern world that defines African and African-American leadership qualities and systems so that African and African-American people can begin to define and train leadership that serves as a mouthpiece and visionary guide for our people. Written in clear, easy to understand language, The Art of Leadership Vol. 1, which is based on 36 years of leadership experience of the author, and thousands of years of Black leadership traditions covers eight areas: (1) Leadership qualities; (2) Restoring extended family community-hood; (3) How to start a group; (4) How to manage cliques; (5) How to establish independent Black schools; (6) How to set up a business; (7) Community mobilization techniques; (8) How to understand the Black Established (the national Civil Rights, church, educational, fraternal, publishing, and business groups), and other social groups in the Black community.

Dr. Conrad Worrill, writing in the Chicago Defender says, "The Art of Leadership is the kind of book you can read over and over again in an effort to digest the many theoretical points and the numerous practical suggestions."