An Overview of Black History

Compiled & Edited by Phillip True, Jr.

Phillip True Jr., has spent many years studying with Dr. John Henrik Clarke, who also made contributions this Historical Overview.

  1. Origin of Man
  2. First Woman and Man
  3. Human Migration
  4. Nile Valley Civilization
  5. African Civilization in Europe
  6. African Civilization in Western Asia
  7. African Presence in India
  8. Crete and Phoenicia
  9. Greece and Rome
  10. Christianity
  11. Africans in the Roman Empire
  12. Columbus' Portfolio
  13. Kingdoms in Inner Africa: Zimbabwe and Monopotapa
  14. The Destruction of African Civilization
  15. Religion and Science of the Africans
  16. Egyptian Philosophy
  17. African Economic Organization
  18. Moors in Spain
  19. Africans Away From Home
  20. South America and the Caribbean
  21. Early Years in the United States
  22. Renewed Fight for Liberty
  23. The Betrayal of the Reconstruction
  24. Malcolm and Martin: Two Lives
  25. Can African People Save Themselves?

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