John Henrik Clarke




I feel as if I know him

Born in the Alabama dark

On January 1st

John Henry Clark


I feel as if I met him

Surviving a nasty fall

But rising and believing

That I must give my all


Dreaming beyond the common goal

Reaching for heights unseen

Overlooking the obstacles

Fixed upon a dream


A Mother working endlessly

Just to make ends meet

Troubled by the hatred

And inhumanity




Scholar in World History

Master Sergeant


And musician, lyrically


I’ve sat at the feet of Schomberg

Higgins, Seiffert, and Hansberry

John G. Jackson and Paul Robeson

And at the finest universities


Educating the masses

And leaving a legacy

I feel as if I know him

Maybe because I am


John Henrik Clarke



By John D. Evans

The Evans Poetry Collection

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Oak Park, IL  60303-2177