United Methodist Church

1834 Woodland Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

(816) 421-5527, 5528, 4154
FAX: (816) 421-0013

Our Vision Statement


Vision 2000 is our commitment to grow in worship attendance and mission awareness through diversified forms of ministry undergirded by prayer and faithfulness. With the aid of the Holy Spirit, we are committed to nurturing and empowering the community of faith to be Gods ambassadors of peace, justice, and service in the church and society.


It is our intent to accomplish this goal by creating and strengthening the following ministries as ports of entry:


1.Quarterly Membership/Stewardship Classes

2.Impacting Bible Study for Sunday School Teachers

3.Starting two (2) new Sunday School Classes

4.Starting a new Bible Study Class and Prayer Group

5.Sponsoring two (2) Community Projects of significance each year


Our ultimate "Growth Plus" Vision is to increase in membership 40% by 1997, and 75% by 2000.


We desire to continue to increase in understanding and practice of Gods love as a community of believers.



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