Greater Kansas City’s African American Community


A Brief History of African Americans in Greater Kansas City
Upcoming Events of Interest
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  • Basic Black—Historical Consulting Service 
Black Chamber of Commerce 
  • DuBois Consultant, Inc.—Civil & Structural Engineering 
  • Dr. Harry X. Davidson Ph. D. 
  • Gates Bar-B-Q 
  • Leon's Piggly Wiggly 
  • Omega 7 Comics 
  • NIA'S Hallmark Gold Crown Store 
  • Sportsman House of Coiffures 
  • Computer Technology Support Services 
Website Developers 
  • Fountain City 
  • K.C. Places 
  • Taliferro 
  • Website Creations 

Civil Rights
Activists Groups & Individuals

National Organizations  Local Chapters of National Organizations  Individual Activists 
  • Larry D. Coleman—Attorney 
  • Lloyd C. Daniel—State Representative


Black Talk Radio Shows 
  • Generation Rap 
  • “What's Going On?” with Ron McMillan 
  • Kansas City Call Newspaper 
  • Kansas City Globe Newspaper 

Community Organizations 

  • Urban Black Professional 
  • W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center 
Class Reunions 
  • Central / Lincoln / Manual High School Classes of 1958 
  • Central High School Class of 1977 
  • Central High School Class of 1978 
  • Lincoln High School Class of 1978 
  • Southeast High School Class of 1977 
  • Southeast High School Class of 1978 
Neighborhood Organizations 
  • Vineyard Gardens 
  • Foxtown 
Social Organizations 
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Beta Lambda Chapter 
Youth Groups 
  • Mike Jones Foundation Inc 
  • Simba / Falami (Rites of Passage Program

  • South Suburban Junior Football Association 

Cultural Organizations 

  • Basic Black—Historical Consulting Service 
  • Black Archives 
  • Bruce Watkins Heritage Center 
  • International Jazz Hall of Fame 
  • Kansas City Boys Choir 
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Urban Center 
  • Mutual Musicians Heritage Foundation 
  • Negro Baseball League Museum 
  • Shades of Black—Artifacts, etc. 

Political Community 

    Elected City Officials
    • Mayor Emanuel Cleaver, II

    City Council

      Third District
    • Ronald E. Finley, At-Large
    • Mary Williams-Neal
      Fifth District
    • Ken Bacchus, At-Large
    • Kelvin Simmons

  • Freedom Incorporated 
  • Missouri Legislative Black Caucus 

Spiritual Communities 

African Methodist Episcopal Churches  Apostolic / Pentecostal
Church of God in Christ 
Baptist Churches 
Catholic Churches 
Methodist Churches 

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